Collect payments on a multiple currency accounts

Maintain foreign currency accounts recognised by the global banking system

Get currency IBAN with your Company’s name

What you get from us?


Clients' funds are held in separate bank accounts


No minimum balance requirements. No F/X losses


One place to manage all financial operations


You know always what happens with your money

Some features

Having accounts in multiple currencies is an excellent tool for managing F/X risk

CHF, EUR, GBP, USD and another 13 currencies bank accounts with your Company's details

Accelerate your business. Your counterparties can settle in a currency that is optimal for them and you

No losses due to automatic currency conversion of incoming funds by the bank

Faster and cheaper for your clients if the payment is made as a local

Full online management system. Reporting for accounting purposes

Develop your business abroad, leave the financial matters to us

Frequently asked questions

Having IBAN on our platform will improve your business. Thanks to this solution, your contractors can pay directly into your account. You can send the same funds to your supplier. If you need a different currency, you have access to 24/7 currency exchange where you can convert the currency and send it further.

IBAN accounts are also available for individual customers. This is a great solution for working people who are paid in foreign currency.

Detailed information on the costs related to IBAN account can be found in the table of commissions and fees.

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