Cookies policy

Cookies are small files that are stored on the end device of a user using the Igson Capital platform. These files contain text information enabling the administration of our website. The information stored in cookies includes the name of the source domain, the expiry time, a randomly assigned number that allows to recognize the file, and the public IP of the device. A cookie can be placed in your browser if it allows it. It is worth emphasizing that a cookie of a given domain can only be read by this domain (i.e. a website of one publisher cannot have access to cookies used by a website of another publisher).

We use our cookies to:

  • obtain data on possible errors in order to improve the quality of the services provided (thanks to the collected information)
  • provide friendy user experience
  • ensure the security of customers and their transactions
  • create services tailored to our clients and be able to present them (marketing purposes)

Cookies are divided into:

  • session – created only for the needs of a given session and deleted when the browser or device is turned off
  • permanent – stored in the device memory; allow you to remember individual user settings

Some cookies are necessary to maintain the full functionality of the website (logging in, making transactions, etc.). The remaining files perform additional functions (described above) and you must agree to their operation. On our website, we use solutions provided by Google Inc.  You can change cookie settings in your web browser.

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